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Throughout recorded history, man has been charting new frontiers that were previously believed to be unreachable.  Using a mix of vision, ingenuity, and innovation, pathways have been laid, obstacles have been overcome, and opportunities have been discovered.

Fast forward to the year 2016.  The world is being interconnected at an exponential rate.  At the center of this is the Internet, the single largest set of pathways ever conceived.  The cloud as it is referred to is driving social and economic changes unlike anything else before it.

Cloud computing is the new frontier.  eHanabi is the pathfinder.

Successful companies are able to do more with less using cloud computing.  A cloud architecture is the foundation for agility due to the speed and flexibility that it affords.  Using public cloud services, companies bring employees, ecosystem partners, and customers together in real time.  Thus the cloud becomes an enabler for strategic and competitive advantage on a global scale.

Are you ready for the cloud?  Let eHanabi get you there.

Technology Experts

What We Can Do For You

Thought Leadership

Industry certified technical leaders help you manage change and mitigate risks


Infrastructure gurus who deliver stable foundations for your business critical applications

Cloud Enablement

Lower your variable IT costs through economies of web scale

Strategic Planning

Visionaries who align your business strategy with a technical roadmap for success


Risk avoidance professionals help you realize security from the inside out

SaaS Integration

Improve customer and employee intimacy by seamlessly integrating your on-premises and cloud applications


Problem Solving

KT certified resolution experts who excel at moving your projects forward

Artificial Intelligence

Enable Artificial Intelligence for your voice enabled apps


Managed Services

Operating and optimizing your cloud platform to reduce total cost of ownership

Network Gurus Who See

Beauty in Chaos

About eHanabi

Cloud Zone

Integration Between Amazon Alexa and Slack

Intro Amazon Alexa is Apple's Siri but better. Alexa is a platform that allows apps to be downloaded onto your Alexa-enabled device. These apps can range from casual to professional workspace; random facts about space to speech-to-text in a company's message app like...

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Understanding AWS Identity and Access Management Logins

The AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) cross-account login feature allows admin to enable user access across AWS accounts.  This Cloud Zone article details how you can integrate AWS IAM cross-login features to follow security best practices. A few common use...

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Reviews and Endorsements

“Accolade has repeatedly and successfully leveraged eHanabi professional services to deliver IT solutions that have improved our ability to service our customers and our investors.  eHanabi engagement has been essential in delivering these solutions.  eHanabi has demonstrated deep technical knowledge, extensive real world experience, and predictive business requirement support.”

– Erik Berta, Sr. Network Engineer

Reviews and Endorsements

“The eHanabi methodology speaks to end-to-end life cycle management for the solutions they deliver.  Every aspect of their engagement – from documentation and requirements gathering to collaboration and operational support – has shown eHanabi to be an indispensable partner of the utmost professionalism.  The eHanabi team is my preferred vendor of choice for all data network challenges.”

 – Neal Giacomelli, Senior Manager of Infrastructure

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